Ikwuano Transit Terminal

Ikwuano Transit Terminal Ahamefula Development Initiative Ikwuano is a non governmental community based organization, registered with the corporate affairs commission and all other relevant authorities in Nigeria. Our core objective is to prioritize the interests of Ikwuano in the pursuit of a developed, peaceful and just Local Government Area by entrenching the principles of justice, […]

Cassava, Cocoa, Palm Oil and Palm Wine

Short Notes on Cassava, Cocoa, Palm Oil and Palm Wine Agriculture especially the production of cash crops such as Cassava, Cocoa and Palm oil have remained very central to supporting the Nigerian economy even after its years of glory. With its huge population of over 200 million and growing these listed crops have hugely supported […]

The Role Of Technical Education In Community Development: A Model For Ikwuano & Abia State

THE ROLE OF TECHNICAL EDUCATION IN COMMUNITY DEVELOPMENT: A MODEL FOR IKWUANO & ABIA STATE By Evangelist Abraham N. Osondu(snr) Education has many contradictions. Therefore, it would not be appropriate to discuss this article or essay without examining some of such contradictions. Education, according to Albert Einstein, is “what is left after one has forgotten […]

Chief Ironkwe Ugochukwu Emerges as Bursar MOUAU

Chief Ironkwe Ugochukwu emerges as the substantive Bursar of the Michael Okpara University of Agriculture Umudike. Hearty congratulations Chief Ironkwe Ugochukwu on your meritorious appointments. May your tenure be successful and Fruitful. Chief Ironkwe Ugochukwu hailed from Umuokele Amaba Ime Oboro in Ikwuano LGA of Abia State.

Azuiyi Oloko, industrious people of Ikwuano, Facing threats of annexation

Azuiyi Oloko, an industrious people of Ikwuano. Facing threats of annexation. After an unfortunate accident Ten years ago involving a trailer which destroyed the connecting bridge between Ntalakwu and Azuiyi Oloko, they have been cut off from their Kinsmen in Ikwuano. To come to Ikwuano, they have to travel through, Ngwa land through Umuahia to […]

The major Cocoa belt in ikwuano lies within the Ibere clan of Ikwuano

The major Cocoa belt in ikwuano lies within the Ibere clan of Ikwuano, particularly from Ihim to Nkalunta. Though Cocoa grows all around Ikwuano L.G.A, The volume of Cocoa produced within this axis runs into over 150 Tons annually. At the current price of over N500,000 per ton, the market value of cocoa produced within […]